Virtual Craft Week
by Artemest

Artemest launches a curated virtual fair to support its network of artisans and designers exhibiting new product collections.

Artemest, the marketplace for the finest Italian Design, supports its network of approximately 1000 artisans and designers through curated digital initiatives. 

Thanks to a dedicated landing page, visitors will be able to virtually explore the many new lighting, décor and furniture collections handcrafted and designed by some of the best Italian artisans and designers, including: Draga & Aurel, Budri, Paolo Polloniato, Lorenza Bozzoli, and Silvio Mondino Studio. New collections will be showcased through curated artisan specific collections featuring in depth content on artisans and designers and their newly launched pieces. Through these virtual spaces in addition to reviewing new pieces, visitors will have the chance to read about the inspiration and story behind each collection, explore styled photo shots and in some cases videos of the collections.