Giobagnara presents Scala, Crosera, Positano, Polo and Lloyd

Discover the new collections Scala, Crosera, Positano, Polo and Lloyd presented by Giobagnara for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, featuring the company's iconic leather goods in a wide range of new pieces.
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The Bagnara family began producing household items in 1939, later specializing in high-end pieces. In 1999, the company ventured into the production of fine leather goods and acquiring their definitive name Giobagnara in honor of Giorgio Bagnara. Rapidly becoming a staple in the industry for its exquisitely crafted leather home décor items, Giobagnara is regarded today as “the encyclopedia of luxury leather goods” thanks to its incredible knowledge and research around all the aspects of leather making, while mainaining exceptional craftsmanship techniques and employing master artisan to create sophisticated and eclectic handmade pieces that can be completely customizable.

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Giobagnara presents five different collections: Scala, Crosera, Positano, Polo and Lloyd. Scala is a line of lacquered and leather covered furniture and objects was inspired by the “stacked” shape often seen at the base of some buildings in Italy, featuring identical recurring motives. The Corsera collection features simple fomal lines enriched by the meticulous attention to details, with special decorations made with horsehair and woven leather, and includes two vase holders and a cover for playing cards as well as a series of distinctive and practical boxes. The Positano collection, as the other elegant tableware accessories by Giobagnara, is dressed with the finest Italian leather. This translates into a collection suitable to for all kinds of spaces, from classic to modern, providing a luxury touch when showcased. Elegant lines meet a timeless style through a perfect construction and impeccable craftsmanship. Lloyd is a collection of furniture and seatings created in collaboration with Glenn Sesting that evelates Giobagnara's leather and textile to a new dimension of succeeding void and solid spaces. The Polo collection features a series of new exquisite trays with handles. The iconic silhouette is characterized by rounded corners that add a gentle touch to the piece. These trays will be a striking addition to any home decor collection.

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