Sergio Villa presents Stay Creative

Known for its sartorial approach and exquisite craftsmanship, Sergio Villa launches 'Stay Creative', a new collection of stunning wall décor pieces.
Sergio Villa
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Known for its sartorial approach and exquisite craftsmanship, Sergio Villa launches a new collection of stunning decorative panels. The brand that houses a workshop in the heart of Brianza, the district near Milan famous for its cabinet-making makes an addition to its bold furniture collection by adding wall decor pieces. As for other pieces by Sergio Villa, traditional design meets contemporary functionality for a timeless and eclectic effect.

Stay Creative is the name that has been chosen by Sergio Villa for its new collection. What makes a place pleasant to live? The answer of Sergio Villa, creative by passion and by choice, is: creativity. Which can also be found in a simple decorative panel. But the Stay Creative decorative panels are not born from the identification of an external need: they are in fact the expression of the joy of creating, of discovering new worlds and colors, finding art within oneself. And the joy is always greater when shared: hence the idea of a collection of decorative panels "on demand", in the sizes requested by the customer, optionally on canvas or on MDF wooden support. The collection consists of 6 motifs, all handmade: the 70’s, Balloons, Brushed, Flame, Splashes and Stain.

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