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Your window on kitchen and bathroom, the new digital platform dedicated to the world of bathroom and kitchen, selects for the new products from the best bathroom companies. is a digital platform that aims to meet the needs of companies and professionals in these specific sectors, at a time of great market transformation, in which many professions based on interpersonal relationships, will have to rely on new media, quickly changing our habits.

Dedicated to B2B operators, architects and interior designers, and available in two languages (Italian and English), allow companies to present new products, maintain and expand their professional contacts and increase brand awareness  through a wide range of services:

- A designated web space to present new products and add any kind of materials, without space or format limits;

- An advanced live chat to maintain and improve professional contacts;

- A customized virtual webinar / room service.

- Limit-less mass mailing service.

- The insertion of banner appearing in rotation.

- An intuitive search engine based on AI and keywords..

- Additional communication services for the products presented in the next fairs.

- Blog with customized contents for each company (specific insights, interviews, etc.) run by communication professionals.

- Webinars / virtual rooms on topics of corporate interest organized b or directly by companies with possibility of customization.

- Networkable web services for the next trade fairs.

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KbWindow is a project by Davide Vercelli and Tullia Costa

Tel. +39 3477997207