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Parrinello Rosario
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The millennial tradition of a land, Sicily, and the energy of a volcano, Mount Etna, come together in this new Made a Mano collection, designed by Rosario Parrinello. Komon is made of lava stone from the quarries on the slopes of Etna. An ancient and unique material, this, which is given a contemporary feel through the hand application of colour using stencils and brushes on each single tile.

Komon, like the other collections by Made a Mano, can be manufactured both in lava stone tiles and terracotta tiles. However, larger-size items can only be made in lava stone with a maximum size of 300 x 150cm and a minimum thickness of 3cm made from a single slab. The result is a product with exceptional characteristics: high chemical, physical and mechanical resistance, as well as to frost and heat, and wear and stains. Traditional majolica reinterpreted with exclusive materials and contemporary taste, and adapted to current practicality needs.

The manufacturing process uses new techniques while managing to maintain the wide chromatic and decorative range typical of the handmade production of ceramics. It is possible to choose between classical and modern motifs, and between different finishes (smoothed, sawn, aged, grooved) for a high degree of customization, even down to the size of the tile.

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