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Heatile is a project by Fausto Bocciolone, supported by a multidisciplinary pool of professionals, in the form of a new generation of heated floors with innovative features. It is a prefabricated floor heating and cooling system that reinterprets the construction paradigms of radiant systems: modular, light, thin and, above all, one that can be laid without building work.

Heatile aims to resolve some of the situations that can occur with radiant heating technology. More specifically, it takes away the need for more significant thicknesses in the concrete screed which holds the pipes, laying times are fast, and water content is reduced – and, with it, thermal inertia. This way, it is possible to lay this system even in situations where the user utilizes underfloor heating only occasionally. 

Heatile concentrates in only 13mm the hydraulic water distribution system, the polyurethane insulation and the neoprene support matting. It can equally be laid on a traditional screed in new constructions or on an existing floor (of any material) in renovations. In an existing system it can completely replace radiators, drawing the water from one of them with the appropriate Mixing Unit, bypassing the boiler. As part of a new system, similarly to a traditional underfloor heating system, it can be powered by any source of heat.

Heatile can be easily assembled by laying the various modules one against the other. These (60 x 60cm or 60 x 120cm) fit together to form a walkable surface that acts as a base for the next floor, making it possible to install 100m2 in only a few hours. Its low weight – 12.5kg per m2 – allows you to lay Heatile on each floor without preparation or dedicated surfacing. According to the manufacturer, running costs are reduced thanks to low thermal inertia and high efficiency. The set-up time is short and therefore thermal comfort can be achieved quickly. 

The Mixing Unit integrates with and completes the system, allowing one to transform a radiator system into a new floor system without carrying out any construction work. The unit is installed in place of a radiator, from which it draws the water, mixing and keeping it at 29°C. It supplies the floor system and allows temperature regulation within the house thanks to an on-board control or a simple and intuitive app. A major benefit is that the unit permits the creation of hybrid systems in which traditional radiator and floor hydronic systems can coexist using the same source of heat.

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