How the 2021 edition of Fuorisalone has been rethought? proposes for 2021 Fuorisalone Design Guide, a new communication platform dedicated to the world of design, developed on the basis of an editorial plan active throughout the year, and two events: April (12-18 Fuorisalone Design City Edition) and September (4-10 Fuorisalone Design Week Edition) both under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

Fuorisalone Design Guide offers a flexible editorial plan that follows the companies' needs. The proposal provides a single format for design brands that want to present their collections or promote an event, which the Customer can use throughout the year. The online presence is guaranteed in both editions and offers the possibility to exploit the editorial plan according to the marketing and communication objectives of the customer..

The customer can join the new platform Fuorisalone Design Guide whether or not he realizes an event on the territory, in one or both editions. The realization of a physical event is therefore not a discriminating element for adhesion, as it was not in the Fuorisalone Digital 2020 project.
The goal of the Fuorisalone Design Guide project is to present in a single platform the proposals of companies, designers and collectives that are interested in taking part in Fuorisalone, both with digital content and by promoting an event on the territory in the two editions scheduled in April and September, offering the tools and content useful to maintain a relationship with the public of professionals and the market.

The experience gained with Fuorisalone Digital in 2020 has allowed us to refine the tools and the communication strategy offered to the Customer according to their needs, thus proposing additional promotion and project formats declined on specific communication channels.
645 event cards, 389 brands and 681 designers registered, 156k unique users and 850k page views with 163 countries connected to the platform are just some of the numbers of what has been achieved in 2020, which we expect to exceed in 2021 especially on the social media plan that has seen 1.6M people reached on Facebook with 35k interactions and 3.5M total coverage on Instagram with 100k followers and 6.5M impressions.

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2021 edition Theme:
“Forms of living” “Forme dell’abitare” proposes as a focus for the development of content the subject “Forms of Living” expressed in its various dimensions and interpretations (where “living” means: places, space, city, environment and relationships).
The concept of Contemporary Living in its various forms is at the centre of the scenario we are going through, with its rules and habits now upset, and is explored through design, art, architecture and anthropology to offer various useful ideas for companies and designers.

The aim of is to share and promote this theme throughout 2021, developing both projects in collaboration with various partners, to be carried out during the two editions (April and September), and a dedicated editorial plan that can find applications in the various tools offered by the Fuorisalone Design Guide platform.


What is Fuorisalone?

Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place, which is staged in the stands of Rho Fiera.

Every year, in April, Salone and Fuorisalone define the Milan Design Week, the most important event in the world for design. The Fuorisalone is not a Fair event, it doesn’t have a central organisation and it’s not managed by any Institution. It started spontaneously early in the 1980’s thanks to the will of companies working in the furnishing and industrial design sectors.

Currently, it is expanding into many related sectors including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion and food.

Today, the various exhibitors can organise independently or refer to Studiolabo, which gives assistance: from the search for the location to the definition of strategies and to special communication plans that can be chosen on

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