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With its ever-growing community of 2.7 million registered usersArchiproducts is a benchmark in the field. A constantly updated virtual exhibition, counting over 220,000 products and 3,500 available brands. 

Founded in 2009, it’s the largest online catalog for Architecture and Design. Thousands of brands rely on Archiproducts to boost their products’ visibility and launch them worldwide with a strategic mix of services - from Product Listing to E-mail Marketing, from Display ADS to Social Media Advertising, up to the latest BIM/3D strategies and the on-site promotion in the two showrooms in Bari and Milan

Though this network has grown worldwide and gone global, each of these activities is carried out in-house, in Italy, thanks to a growing team of 110 international talents.

Every day, thousands of architects, designers, retailers and professionals visit the network to find out the latest, design and shop products on Archiproducts Shop, choosing among 12 categories - such as Furniture, Lighting, Outdoor, Decor, Bathroom, Kitchen, Finishes, Wellness and Contract.

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