EVER Life design: versatile proposals for home and bathroom

EVER Life design presents the novelties designed by Monica Graffeo
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EVER Life design is an Italian brand introduced on the market by Thermomat. EVER Life Design represents from the beginning a strong and innovative character, offering a collection made of objects and accessories with a strong personality, able to reinvent the space of a bathroom, lending it personality and style. Every accessory of each collection presents a wide character, following different ages and functions.

News 2020: DOT collection is growing, adding a series of wall lamps and baskets; Lissom Slim aluminium wall shelf; Tape system available in two versions: Home Fitness or multifunction organizer.

Dot becomes a new modular lighting system powered by cable, with an opal external cover that contains a LED able to create a suggestive and warm point of light. With Dot Light it is possible to create graphic and creative compositions able to communicate and integrate perfectly with the previous collection, thanks to the stainless steel wire suitable to obtain the functionality of a towel holder, a magazine hang out, a toilet roll holder, or a shelf.‎

Collection DOT is growing, adding a series of baskets, with different sizes and colors, to be fixed to the wall thanks to cylindrical covers.‎ Baskets are made of a special waterproof fabric, suitable for the installation in the shower corner.‎
Dot Basket is versatile, it is perfect to be used in every room: in the kitchen like a spice rack, in the bathroom like a cosmetics case, in the kid’s room to store toys, pens, and other accessories.‎

Multifunctional shelves LISSOM SLIM becomes support in case of need and at the same time offer a space to be used as a support for bottles, cosmetics, magazines or as a pocket emptier.

TAPE FIT  is a system elegant and refined, complete for home fitness and functional training, for everyone.‎ With TAPE FITit is possible to make home training do define the body and keep you fit.‎  

TAPE STORAGE is an accessory-organizer to store items in different spaces, and at the same time it can be transformed into an ally for physical fitness.‎ It is perfect in the bathroom, in the kitchen, but also in every other room of your home or also in the office, it is a minimal accessory suitable for every space.‎

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