Chairs, armchairs and small sofas by Billiani

New products for living and contract designed by Emilio Nanni, Cristina Celestino and Victor Carrasco
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Billiani was founded in 1911 in Manzano, Friuli, North-Eastern Italy. A small workshop in a strategic area, on the Austro-Hungarian border, founded by Luigi Billiani (class of 1888) which contributed to laying the foundations of what, after World War II, was to become the famed Friuli chair manufacuring area. In the years of the Italian economic boom, Billiani Bros, grew into a structured company thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of Luigi's sons Ottone, Orlando, Lino and Bruno Billiani. In 1986 today’s, Luigi Billiani, the third generation of entrepreneurs, took centre stage on the international marketplace and, thanks to his local knowledge and connections, distinguished himself on the international contract scene.
News 2020: upholstered chair small sofa of Spy collection designed by Emilio Nanni; Frisée wooden chair and Corolla armchair designed by Cristina Celestino; 
solid wood chair Fitt Hug by Victor Carrasco.

Spy is an extensive and complete collection of armchairs, tables and coffee tables.‎ Its leitmotif is the design of the leg, which tapers and is slightly splayed.‎ The stylistic feature is the design of the body, with its rounded shoulders folding back to receive the rear legs.‎ In 2020 Emilio Nanni designs the new Spy chair that, in addition to the wooden base, is available also with a metal sled.‎

Frisée is a collection that combines the solidity of wood with an ironic and joyful frivolity. Cristina Celestino’s soft and enveloping touch exalts Billiani’s materials and know-how with pure colours, corners that turn into delicate curves and bulb-end legs. Although designed for the contract market, Frisée expresses a cultured and sophisticated lightness that gives a nod to the world of cabinet making.

Corolla is a collection of armchairs with soft and harmonious shapes. The rounded volumes are lightened by the worked wood base, Billiani’s stylistic code. The wavy line refers to the world of fashion, whose charm is also present in the quality of the coverings, which find their best expression in the combination of contrasting colours and textures to frame and cushioning.

Fitt Hug 044 is an armchair in ashwood.‎ Victor Carrasco explores the successful single-shell style of seating, and with Fitt Hug he broadens the concept of the Fitt chair.‎ In this new interpretation, the wrap-around body has clear and decisive lines.‎ Always essential, it combines in a versatile way with different bases - from classically wooden legs to the revolving frame - so as to adapt to any setting.‎

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