New 2020 collection by Dvelas inspired by nautical world

Dvelas presents chairs and stools for outdoor
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DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry. Material, which is not apt for sailing but which possesses excellent qualities in terms of durability and resistance.
The models in the contemporary furniture collection reclaim the sculptural form of the sail and they use as inspiration, the rigging techniques, technology and the making of the professional sailing makers.
DVELAS avoids using the material as a lining or upholstery, on the contrary, the idea is that the material stays in tension, working the same way as when it was used for sailing, giving back this way its dignity even though the sail has been taken into parts.
News 2020: Helm chair; Ris stools.

Helm, in the boats is the tiller, a lever, of very varied shapes, that is adjusted to the head of the rudder that serves to make it turn.‎ The Helm Chair is a folding stackable chair, in a fun and simple way inspired by the shape of some rods on wooden sailing boats.‎

2nd Ris; Second reef in French.‎ It is a nautical term that serves to diminish the surface of the sail with a second fold.‎ Slender and expressive, this high stool preserves the same smoothness of lines than the Ris stool.‎ A low support is added for the feet which is neatly concealed in the interior when the stool is folded and it serves to give greater rigidity to the structure when it is open.‎

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