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Sancal presents the new armchair, chair and modular sofa collections
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Since 1973, Sancal has been a company in all senses of the word: in its imagination, creation, development, innovation, manufacturing and quality service.
When we think of Sancal, the word project springs to mind, because this enterprise is much more than just a simple firm. The development of fabulous creative potential – to transform the everyday; to transgress the boundaries of habitat through design - is also an essential aim for Sancal. The Sancal project maintains a continuous flow of ideas and that is why it is an unfinished project, which retains the illusion and the nonconformist ethos of the first day; which, as a familiar company, desires the extension of its identity over time.
News 2020: Diwan armchair; Roll chair; Click sofa.

Diwan is part of the new collection designed by PerezOchando.‎ The range includes a chaise longue, as well as modular benches and an original armchair.‎ Claudia and Pedro have reduced sinuous curves of the seats and backs to their bare minimum, bringing an air of lightness to the design.‎ The legs’ formal simplicity provides a touch of distinction.‎ Available in natural or stained wood, they can be combined or contrasted with the upholstery.‎
Designed for sitting, rather than lounging, they have a higher seat height than the divan.‎ The chaise loungues and armchairs provide greater support for more relaxed seating.‎ The lumber cushions enhance the comfort of the seats and add another texture of colour to the composition.‎ 

Perhaps Roll chair's complex simplicity may mislead you at first, as well as its inspirational concept.‎ Maybe this is the most ironic and contemporary design created by MUT.‎ Inspired by the leg presses that can be found in gyms, this original seat rejects the main role of these machines: Roll offers rest to those who need a calm pause.‎
Avoiding superfluous ornaments and details, the Valencian creatives reduce the conventional shape of a chair to two pure elements: steel tubes and two cylindrical pads for back and seat.‎ Their passion for the inner charm of simple things and the rounded figures are part of MUT’s hallmarks and they are also present in their new design for Sancal.‎
Its unusual silhouette turns an industrial object into a work of art, extenuated still further if stacked to form a sculptural figure.‎ In this way, Roll combines balance, beauty and functionality.‎

Click is a modular sofa available in various configurations.‎ Toni J.‎ Castaño of Estudio Sancal had a light bulb moment when he was adjusting the headrests of his car.‎ Starting from a simple mechanism, similar to the one used in the automotive sector, the studio shaped a very versatile sectional seating system.‎
In addition to sofas and customised compositions - to which playful armrests and functional tables can be added – the Click can be configured into armchairs and small modules for charming bars and cafes.‎
No one could imagine that this is Sancal's first “flat-pack” sofa.‎ This remarkable feature reduces the environmental impact from transport due to the packaging reduced sizes.‎ Its easy assembling system, as its name suggests is as simple as clicking the elements together.‎

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