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Julia Marmi
Davide Vercelli
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The strength of Aga is its simplicity: a basin table made of Piasentina Stone. Minimalistic in its purity of lines and materials, each console is a unique piece that enhances the beauty and variations of the natural stone. Veins and marbling are the prized feature of Piasentina Stone, a totally natural material extracted from the Cava di Clastra which is located between San Pietro and San Leonardo, near Cividale del Friuli. 

In the Aga manufacturing process, the cut stone slabs are flamed to make the surface more wrinkled and micro-angular. Afterwards, the surfaces to the front of the console are cut by hand with a pitching chisel to obtain an uneven and markedly rough surface. 

Obtained exclusively from a material coming from Italy, each piece of the Aga collection is made to order and is adaptable to any bespoke size requirements.

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