Gustavo Martini marble projects

The use of marble in the successful career of the designer Gustavo Martini

with Marimar and Michelangelo

Italic is a collection of luminous sculptures that explores the aesthetic aspects of the typographical universe. After a careful study of this universe, the main idea in which the writing system is created to communicate a specific subject is modified, to propose it again in order to become the subject in itself. Each symbol is composed of main sections and transversal lines at the ends, as a remnant of the Serifs. In this way the author suggests the public to observe moving away from traditional codes.


Compasso bench for Wallpaper* Handmade
with Testi Group Srl

The curve of this giant bench, designed by Gustavo Martini, is shaped to encourage sitters to move close together. What’s more, its polished Grigio Carnico marble - formed in Testi’s workshop in Veneto - creates a slippery surface that makes it virtually impossible to keep your neighbour at arm’s length. ‘Love brings people close together, and this bench makes them stay close together,’ says Martini.

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