Paolo Polloniato presents New Creations

Nove based visionary ceramist Paolo Polloniato presents a series of unique new ceramic creations in occasion of Artemest Virtual Craft Week. Discover modern and surprising ceramic objects that are delicate, ironic and surreal at once
POL / Paolo Polloniato
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Virtual Craft Week

Paolo Polloniato, is a visionary ceramist that comes from a family of artists in Nove, a small town near Venice know for its ceramic tradition.Critics have hailed him as one of the pioneers in reclaiming historic molds and using ancient techniques to create modern and surprising ceramic objects. His pieces are delicate, ironic and surreal and surely look more like pieces of art rather  than vases, candle holders and bowls. For Artemest Virtual Craft Week Paolo Polloniato presents a serie of unique new ceramic creations. 

POL - Paolo Polloniato's new additions represent a summary of the research and the work on contemporary ceramics that he has been carrying out in his career. The leitmotif is a meaningful transformation of the item or an "ironic metamorphosis" as Paolo refers to it when he talks about his creative process. See for example Paolo's new Tankshow Rebirth and the Tankshow Jerry Can: here what used to be the icon of plastic, looses its nature and transforms in a ceramic sculpture. The same happens to his Metamorphosis piece where the base of a traditional container from 1700 disappears and two cherub legs appear in its place. In his new pieces his concept and vision substitutes the function of the original item by playing with textures and volumes.

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