Paola Staccioli presents New Collection

Discover ceramist Paola Staccioli and her new stunning pieces: domestic objects become real ceramic sculptures.
Paola Staccioli
The event belongs to
Virtual Craft Week

Florentine Paola Staccioli is a ceramist with unique artistic abilities, maybe inspired by her literature studies. She decided to dedicate herself to pottery after some experiences within applied arts, in particular batik and glass. She creates clay objects that support decorative and pictorial elements using the luster technique. The results are unique, impossible to replicate even by the artisan herself.

The collection represents Paola Staccioli's creative work.  Domestic objects become real ceramic sculptures, enhancing their peculiar shapes and using the original technique of metallic coloring. The splendid floral decorations are istinctly feminine and delicate, opposed to the intense and bold colors. The collection is also defined by silhouettes with a flickering and uncertain outline, creating unique pieces.  

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