Roberto Cambi presents Forget Me Not

Discover the new collection Forget Me Not presented by Roberto Cambi for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, featuring stunning figurative ceramic sculptures inspired by nature.
Roberto Cambi
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Virtual Craft Week

Roberto Cambi is a prolific ceramic artist that has been creating eclectic sculptures since the late 1970s and has established himself as a name of reference in contemporary Italian art after exhibiting successfully all over the country. With playful works that dwelve on a pop and humoristic spirit, Roberto focuses on translating the interactions with the surrounding space into the mediums of sculpture and ceramics.

Fort the Virtual Craft Week, Roberto Cambi presents the collection FORGET ME NOT, a limited edition of interrelated design objects collected by a fil rouge of the need for humanity to "shake off its indifference to endangered nature and planet before it is too late". The featured pieces are stunning sculptures of flowers and natural obects entirely handmade with ceramic and embellished with 24K gold, with a knot on the stem that symbolizes the need to remember to remove our perennial distractions, which make us lose sight of the extraordinary wonders that surround us. This evocative and delicate image is a constant and strong presence throughout the collection, and acts as an ambivalent positive message of resilience and hope. 

The series of sculptures is composed of a rich, striking palette of blues, greens and touches of gold, is a deliberate departure from the minimalistic white and neutral tones of Cambi’s previous works, to reinforce his message of hope and to celebrate the splendid range of colours of nature in full bloom.

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