Bottega Intreccio presents Milli, Picnic and Nodo

Discover the new collections Milli, Picnic and Nodo presented by Bottega Intreccio for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, featuring three drastically different pieces deeply connected
Bottega Intreccio
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Virtual Craft Week

Nestled in the hills of Macerata, the Italian region most famous for its cabinet making tradition, Bottega Intreccio was founded in 2014 with the intention of merging the antique knowledge of master artisans with the enthusiasm of the new generations.

Despite its recent establishment, the brand is founded on ancient arts and know-hows: the particular weaving tradition, that consists of handworking materials such as cord and wicker to bend and interlace them into a final shape, dates back centuries to the Italian Renaissance. The results are stunning seatings, lamps and containers with full, round shapes and a raw feel. Today, Bottega Intreccio works with renowned designers around the world to bring innovative ideas and concepts to life, while skilfully combining experimentation and artisanal heritage to create beautiful handmade pieces.

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Bottega Intreccio presents three different collection: Milli, Picnic and Nodo. Milli, designed by angelettiruzza, is a sofa of ample forms, with armrests in wicker alternating with leather strips, where the form is reduced to a minimum to reveal the know-how and intelligence of handmade traditions. Picnic, designed by Maurizio Bernabei, is a basket with a circular cover transformed into a mirror to hang on the wall in  Bottega Intreccio's signature wicker with leather inserts. Nodo, designed by Intreccio Lab, consists of a solid form that, thanks to the juxtaposition of ceramic and wicker becomes lighter and more open towards the top. Two traditional materials that compensate for each other, interpenetrating and becoming contemporary

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