Paola Paronetto presents Bosco and Pistilli

Discover the new collections Bosco and Pistilli presented by Paola Paronetto for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, home décor accessories in the shape of vases in abstract shapes entorely handcrafted
Paola Paronetto
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Virtual Craft Week

Paola Paronetto began her ceramic training in Gubbio, where she learned the main techniques of working with clay. She then continued with a participation in an intense series of professional courses in Deruta, Faenza, Florence and Vicenza, breathing the vibrant artisanal atmosphere of the regions. Paola has never stopped developing her research and perfecting her artistic skills, currently preferring the innovative artisanal technique of paper clay. She collaborates with architects from Friuli and the Veneto region in the creation of applied art projects in the field of ceramic decoration in public and private buildings. 

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Paola Paronetto presents her latest creations Bosco (forest) and Pistilli (pistils), décor accessories characterized by vertical and slender shapes, a natural evolution of her renowned Cartocci collection made with her signature paper clay technique. Both families of objects are composed of tubular shapes to assume facets that are both evocative and abstract, almost playful. As suggested by their names, the objects of the Bosco and Pistilli series acquire their maximum expressiveness in groups, playing with different heights and/or colours, just as in nature. Not only through the technique of paper clay, but also with the infinite compositional possibilities, the new décor accessories are a logical evolution of the Cartocci collection, with which Paola Paronetto has always explored the compositional power of individual objects, united in evocative groups of still life. 

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