Rou Materiaal presents Nubi and Terre

ROU Materiaal
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Virtual Craft Week

ROU Materiaal draws its inspiration from the Afrikaans word meaning "raw materials", highlighting the brand’s distinctive style that connects "primitive" materials to a deep study of contemporary shapes and textures using resins, acrylics, stucco, and cement. By mixing these different textures, founders Marzia De Lorenzi and Monica Cortesi combine art and design to create sculpture-like tables and handpainted fabrics completely produced in Italy from salvaged woods of century-old trees that find new life in a modern home. Founded in 2013, the brand is based in Ravenna.

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, ROU Materiaal presents two new collection, Nubi and Terre, two different perspectives that explore the poetic theme of a constant effort to introduce nature into the houses through contemporary shapes and colors, which interpret the present and imagine the future. In Nubi, there is the urgency to live a lighter and more detached present, hence the evanescent colors of the "Organic Sections" with a reference to the fears and reflections of the past months. In Terre, the desire to immerse yourself in a warm and liberating nature with strong orange colors rocks eroded by the sun, sands and muds together with the relief given by the greens of mosses and of lichens. 

Wood is still the protagonist of the series, the core of Rou Materiaal. In Nubi and Terre the essences used are oak and cedar: the strength of the oak and the perfume of nature; additionally, new details consists of the introduction of the straw blocked by the resin and the feet also offered in more precious materials: the contrast between the truth and the roughness of nature and the preciousness of the material on which it rests.

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