Pietro Arnoldi presents Movements

Discover the new collection Movements presented by Pietro Arnoldi for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, an entirely handmade sculptural complex of three different pieces connected by the need for vertical ascension and elevation
Pietro Arnoldi
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Virtual Craft Week

​Combining traditional crafts and art with modern design, Pietro Arnoldi creates stunning sculptural pieces using reclaimed ancient wood. Born in Taleggio in 1955, he attended Brera Academy and moved to Milan to nurture his sculptural talents. His versatility lets him expand his practice in fields such as scenography and product design, from tabletop and wooded decor to avant-garde furniture. His wooden sculptures are a unique combination of art and design, meticulously fashioned using reclaimed ancient wood. His pieces are on display in the Lignorama Museum in Riedau, Austria as well as private and public collections worldwide.

For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Pietro Arnoldi presents his new collection Movements, an entirely handmade sculptural complex created during the challenging period of quarantine and social distancing, taking this opportunity to welcome a reflection on nature and its ability to change matter and shape it. In these three new sculptures, the fight against vertical ascension, elevation, and the constant and never reached crystallization of form in these works play a central role. All the figures rise vertically and change, inviting the observer to turn them around to grasp their meaning. From every point of view, the work demonstrates its own characteristic shape, thus becoming a work in constant movement. Finally, the sculptures invite an observation and exploration of the surrounding space, as it is never static and is always looking for meaning.

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