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Four Decades of Craftsmanship 40.000 Artisans, countless stories. One Jaipur Rugs.

Jaipur Rugs is a social business that connects rural craftsmanship with global markets through its luxurious handmade carpets. It is a family business based out of Jaipur that offers an exclusive range of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs made using 2500 years old traditional art form.
The founder, Mr Nand Kishore Chaudhary created a unique business model, which provides livelihood to the artisans at their doorstep. This changed the standard practice of involving middlemen to work with artisanal communities. The company currently has a network of over 40,000 artisans spread across 600 rural Indian villages in five states of India. It has an end-to-end business model, right from sourcing of wool to exporting a finished handmade rug.
Reviving the dying art of carpet weaving and creating a sense of bonding and community is at the core of the company’s business philosophy. Jaipur Rugs has been working towards bridging the gap between the weaver at the grassroots and the urban consumers.
The modern and eclectic collection of rugs, made using the finest wool and silk, has won numerous global awards and is currently exported to more than 60 countries with the US sales arm, Jaipur Living, Inc. located in Georgia, Atlanta.

Over 10.000 hand-knotted rugs ready for shipping


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Jaipur Wunderkammer

designed by Matteo Cibic

Take an eclectic experiential trip to Rajasthan through exquisite handmade rugs.

The collection is named after Wunderkammer also known as cabinets of curiosities that came into existence in the mid-16th century in Europe.

These room-like cabinets were repositories for all types of wondrous and exotic objects.

The surreal carpets in this collection give you a peek at a new and contemporary India while helping in promoting a socially inclusive and sustainable business model.


Designed by Tania and Sadeep Khosla

Tania and Sandeep Khosla’s inspiration for this series of hand knotted carpets is Kolam, the ritualistic folk art of creating patterns from rice flour at the entrance of South Indian homes. Lines and loops are drawn around an underlying grid of dots, bringing together the geometric and organic. While preserving the sacrosanct symmetry in individual forms, the designers break free from traditional rules in their overall approach, creating unexpected and joyful studies in colour and form, richly layered and dynamic in composition. Kolam has an ephemeral quality that is made permanent with each hand-woven knot, through the weaving process. Both crafts, with the lyrical, rhythmic movement of the hand share a meditative quality in their making.


(Artisans Original)

One of a Kind initiative by Kavi

Manchaha, a Hindi word popular in Rajasthan’s weaving community, means “expression of my heart”. For weavers in rural Rajasthan, creating something entirely of their own on an unassuming loom was something they never imagined would happen. A one-of-a-kind initiative introduced by Kavi, the Manchaha collection taps into creative potential of rural artisans of India. For the first time ever, weavers get to be the designers of their own rugs. Each rug in the collection is a masterpiece of design inspiration. It is imbued with the individuality of its artisan which is evident in unique artistry. Each rug in this collection is made of 222,184 individual knots in every square meter using hand-spun leftover yarn batches which cannot be used afresh. This makes the colour palette as unique as its design.

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G-250, Mansarovar Industrial Area
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302020

T: +91 141 7103400 | 3987400

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