School of Design, East China Normal University

ECNU’s School of Design is a young institute. The school believes in a humanistic approach and teaches its students about integrating design with nature, technology, and art, combining the idea of creative freedom with innovation and practicality.

School of Design ECNU was founded in September 2004. Currently, School of Design ECNU has 10 specialization groups: visual communication, product design, landscape design, interior design, animation design, video communication, digital design, brand design and management, public art and fashion design.

We have 547 undergraduates and 167 post-graduates. There are 55 permanent faculty and staff on board and 11 foreign guest teachers.

School of Design ECNU has excellent experimental facilities, independent professional library and professional laboratories. The Design Center (3000 sqm) has 11 specialized professional studios, a product model workshop, a rapid prototyping workshop, screen printing, packaging and printing, ceramic techniques, a photographic studio, a darkroom, motion capture systems, architectural model workshop, 3D printing studio and Technical service center etc. The Fashion Center(2000 sqm) has pret-a-porter production workshop,pattern maker workshop, materials library professional runway, and other first-class equipment and facilities.

With humanistic design and sustainable Design as its fundamental teaching philosophy, the School of Design cultivates high-end design talents who possess not only comprehensive capabilities and professional qualities, but also international insights and vision for future development. Moreover, the school values the combination involving production, teaching and research and education branding internationalization as its fundamental teaching orientation, and focuses on its cooperation with the first-rate enterprises and the world-class international colleges. Therefore, the School of Design collaborates with 61 first-rate universities and colleges from European countries and America to establish a GADA -Global Art and Design Academy and attain its integration of curriculum and credits with universities and colleges from the Union, enabling the Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Double-degree and Dual-diploma Program it established with foreign schools to cover all undergraduate and graduate majors inside.

Our lecturers have edited and published more than one hundred and twenty professional textbooks in the past fifteen years. Our students have won dozens of professional domestic and international design awards such as German Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, One Minutes International Award and National Artworks Exhibition Golden Award, as well as a total of more than 300 design patents. We have attended the most prestigious art and design exhibitions worldwide such as Triennale di Milano, Triennale de Saint Etienne, etc. We have also held student portfolio exhibitions in New York, US and Rome, Torino, Italy. Our students from Fashion Design hold multiple fashion shows in Milan, in 2018 the fashion design students’ work are presented again in Milan and they received the cordial reception and encouragement of the Italian Minister of Culture, Mr. Alberto Bonisoli. Our lecturers and students have worked together and accomplished a series of major design projects both in China and in the world: the Expo 2010 Shanghai Pavilion of Footprint (one of the Theme Pavilions), renovation design of the China Art Museum, the Estuary Science and Technology Museum Yangzi River Shanghai, Shanghai Bund East plan, China Music Industry Park (Shanghai), and the renovation plan for old districts in Aviles, Spain and Lyon, France. School of Design ECNU also engaged in more than twenty major research projects including design research for the protection and renovation of rural villages and the natural landscape during the new urbanization in China, Shanghai modern commercial culture visual communication studies, studies on the theory of contemporary Chinese industrial design history, studies of the creative industry in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta.

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Minhang Campus: 500 Dongchuan Rd.,Shanghai 200241
North Zhongshan Road Campus: 3663 N. Zhongshan Rd., Shanghai 200062


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