The Art of Carpets and Kilims

EDELGRUND specializes in high quality Persian flatweave/kilim carpets made in homes of the beautiful weavers.

EDELGRUND specializes in high quality Persian flatweave/kilim carpets made in homes of the beautiful weavers. The look and feel you find in our carpets are simply the essence of life and soul of their very own weavers shining through. Our design creations are made with 100% top quality hand-picked wool, hand-spun yarn and colored with natural vegetable dyes.

While using the very best material is essential, the excellent craftsmanship plays a major role in developing our unique creations. The ancient and proven techniques of weaving and knotting, guarantees the durability and quality of our carpets and kilims.

The knowledge of Persian culture, combined with the art of traditional weaving and knotting techniques, allows us to effectively play with colors and textures to create modern and timeless pieces that fit into any environment. Every single carpet is unique and represents its own character, personality and story to tell.

EDELGRUND believes in the direct correlation of good working environment and high-quality products. We assure that our workplaces meet the highest possible work, social and environmental standards without usage of child labor.  In our pursuit for environmental sustainability we only work with natural products. 

100% High quality natural wool

100% Hand-spun yarn

100% Natural local vegetable dyes

100% Hand Made

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Alasht Collection

Alasht Collection is EDELGRUND’s modern take on minimalistic Mazandaran kilims that were originally woven by artisan women back in the early 20th century in a small village name Alasht.  EDELGRULD supports this Persian tradition by not only keeping the production in the same area, but empowering the artisans to still create their masterpieces from the comfort of their own homes where they live and raise their families.  Alasht is woven on special narrow looms and artfully sewn together to create the desired size.  Custom orders are welcome in any color and size.


Customize your rug

With flatweave kilims it’s always the play and the game between colors, and the wrap and the weft of the weave that enables you to create design and textures.  You can make them as loud and vibrant as you wish and as subtle and toned down as you desire.  The possibility of creating a new design with verity of textures is endless.  Our sample books and color charts are tools that can guide you to create unique pieces.