Solar shading systems at Davines Village

Resstende solar shading for the green sustainable beauty in the brand new building of Davines Village
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The project by Matteo Thun & Partners, located near Parma, saw the intervention of Resstende for the realization of the complex and articulated solar shading system of the new headquarters of the leading Group in the creation of cosmetic products professional hair care and skincare.

The intervention of Resstende at the Parma headquarters is strongly articulated as well as the concept of the complex of buildings: areas dedicated to offices, training, research and development laboratories, co-working spaces, production plant and a large greenhouse used as restaurant, the heart of the whole Village. The new premises are designed and designed to minimize the use of artificial lighting, with the inclusion of photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal systems and communication and control systems that monitor the energy consumption of each environment. This aspect has determined and strongly guided the nature of the solar shading project signed by Resstende, notable from a quantitative and functional point of view of the systems adopted.

Resstende, called to be part of this project thanks to the construction company Colombo Costruzioni, also in this case has focused on its ability to customize a standard product to meet the most daring design requirements. In the recent project of Parma, Resstende presents a shading system concept oriented to the satisfaction of real needs, to sustainability over time and to the concrete technical quality that guarantees performance and excellence of the product made ad hoc.

The Village consists of 24 "houses", arranged in groups of three. For each core, 44 vertical roller shading systems have been installed, for a total of 352 curtains on the façade.

To screen all the windows of the offices on the ground floor of the Village, Resstende selected L1 blinds guided by cables and motorized operation. Each module covers a height of 320 cm and a width of 130 cm. The blinds are retractable in the niche, supported by custom-made plates.

All the offices on the first floor are instead shielded by seven Boston CT135 roller blinds, 130 cm wide and with a pyramidal height ranging from 360 cm up to a maximum of 600 cm. Each module is moved with the motor from the bottom upwards through the Traction kit, the exclusive forced traction device specifically designed for outdoor systems in order to give an effective tension to the cloth in vertical, oblique and horizontal applications. Capable of combating the power of the wind with the controlled energy of the gas pistons housed in the round bottom, the Traction kit system ensures greater stability to the awning mounted outdoors.

Among the curtain wall systems that Resstende has in its product range, the Boston 135 model with round box has been chosen thanks to its exclusive design and high technical content, specifically designed for external applications on curtain walls.

All roller systems are automated thanks to a special control unit that manages the opening and closing of the screens. As a conductor, it is the Sun that starts the silent movement of ascent or descent of the systems.

The textile that was chosen for the entire supply is the Vuscreen Messina shading cod. 31808 anthracite color. The fabric, ideal for outdoor use, is made of 100% polyester with a height of 300 cm. With a weight of 360 g/m2 and an opening factor of 4% it is ideal for guaranteeing excellent thermal and visual comfort in interior spaces. The office environment is what today more than others represents the new home space, where you can work better in harmony and serenity. The complex is designed to express maximum architectural transparency and allow the visual enjoyment of the green from each work station.

A project on a human scale that wants to be a "creator of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability", as Davines and his brand Comfort Zone assert. Davines promotes sustainable beauty, encouraging everyone to take care of themselves, the environment in which they live and work and the things they love. Resstende fully shares this vision of sustainable beauty, where shielding becomes the new means of dialogue between the light and the interior, between the outside and the interior where the workers live and live in the offices.

As for Davines, even for Resstende, his work is a balanced balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit: new lifestyles, new curtain systems, able to shield and create environments and spaces that improve life.

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