Garage58: smart restaurant management by app

Garage58, restaurant in Porto Sant'Elpidio, choose EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business to connect his business anywhere and anytime.
Schneider Electric
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Garage58 choose EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business. This Schneider Electric solution is designed for business owners who need their equipment running, even when they’re away from their business and it helps to minimize business downtime and reduce the risk of financial loss.ent for maximum efficiency.

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The challenge

- Daily monitoring of temperature 24x7 HACCP-compliant

- Automated reporting with built-in system

- Reduced downtime


The solution

EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business increases efficiency with a connected technology and it keeps control of Garage58 small business wherever Ugo Salvi is.



- Quick and easy monitoring 24/7

- Easy controls using the app controls, no need for the hassles of physical visits

- Save time: no more unnecessary trips to check if the equipment is in working order on days small business is closed

- Reduce your energy bills

- Optimize energy consumption

Address and contacts

Street: C. Battisti, 58, 63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM) - Italy

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