The Veranda

Coordinamento e realizzazione del nuovo skyroof di Theatro
The event belongs to
Theatro Network

A work and relaxation space, a non-canonical place to breathe fresh air. Cleverly combine indoor and outdoor spaces with light thanks to the minimum dimensions of the profiles and maximum opening dimensions of the windows.

The Veranda is a dry construction: no masonry works have been carried out, except for the kerbs for the collection of the water. The site is therefor clean, without invasive processing, and faster. The design phase is accelerated, and greater flexibility is guaranteed: many choices are delegated to the construction site and the architect can make choices in progress.

Thema has been general contractor in this significant example of redevelopment: an old warehouse from the 1980s has become a high-tech building, in which innovative solutions have been selected with the value of energy saving and reflective power.

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