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Overview 2020

Nicola Gisonda

Space, material and function transmitted into furnishings that are both essential and iconic. 

Mentemano is the result of the same lucid, entrepreneurial style and well-established professional experience in the world of design.  

This new brand surveys Milan’s furniture design scene and aims to develop its own approach to design that is manifested in the enhancement of quality and attention to materials and details.  

Mentemano: a name that leads one to reflect. 

“Is it the mente (mind) that guides the hand to create a piece of furniture, an object that satisfies a function, or is it the mano (hand), that provides the stimulus to the mind for the realization of a design?” 

Mentemano’s products feature a strong architectural matrix which is expressed through precise construction that can be traced in the details and materials.    

The construction details are reduced to the essential and constitute a distinct hallmark that can be seen in every product, almost becoming a functional decoration. 

The products dialogue with each other and define the space through their presence and identity. 

Among the new products is LESS, a solid wooden cabinet, available in both open and closed versions, with a frame which – as if it were an architectural construction – evinces an evident support structure; KEPLERO, a table composed of two surfaces connected by a dynamic composition of tubular elements; and, SPIDER, archetypal wooden table with four legs arranged in a way that creates an unexpected, evocative effect. 

New furnishings with a strong identity that moves beyond momentary trends, the result of continuous research aimed at experimentation and investigation, exploring an elegant, sober and recognizable stylistic signature. 




This design focuses on a subtractive process; material is subtracted from an imagined covered cabinet until one finds its skeleton, its supporting structure. That structure, characterized by the linearity of a frame with a square section, becomes a simple, precise geometric design that outlines its shape.  

This underlines the architect Mies Van Der Rohe’s concept “Less is more”, which expresses a well-known minimal poetic form that arrives at Less through a creative process always searching for simplicity. Its self-supporting structure is typified by minimal, linear elements – rounded at the extremities where the joints meet. There are only two legs and they are at the front of the cabinet. 

The material chosen was solid wood that, thanks to its grain, gives strength, character and value to the frame. Two versions were designed: an open version, more customizable, comes with two horizontal surfaces, and can be enhanced with your choice of accessories. MORE: two boxes or one tray of different dimensions Also available in a closed version with two drawers that are still well delineated and distinguishable. A transversal piece of furniture that will harmonize with spaces in the living room, dining room and even in the sleeping areas of the home. 

Dimensions: 200 x 44 x 72 cm 



A dynamic composition of strong lines, a well-defined design: these are the hallmarks of the Keplero coffee table. Like a planet, and a satellite that orbits around it, the coffee table features two surfaces of different dimensions. Two circular indentations are lightly milled into the surface of the table tops to create two additional ‘satellites’ and an excellent space to collect your personal objects. The powder-coated metal base is constructed from the intersection of slender, tubular elements and those with a rectangular section to form an airy, geometric drawing that changes depending on your point of view. 

It is always monochromatic; the same color is used for the legs and the tops in order to create continuity between the elements. Functionality and sophisticated details make Keplero an ideal, versatile side table for the living area or the bedroom. 

Dimensions: 94.7 x 70 x 39 cm  



The design is characterized by a marked lightness and attention to detail creating multiple suggestions. Structural volumes and geometries are the result of technical and aesthetic focus that is inspired by a concept of authentic elegance. Attention to detail is revealed in the rounded angles of the legs and top of Spider. This detail is enhanced at the point where the legs and the top meet. This seemingly unstable juncture creates the suggestion that you see the table floating. Taking up the idea of a spider's legs, the legs of this ‘Spider’ are arranged so that each one emerges from a different side of the table, as if they were chasing each other. 

Dimensions: 220 x 100 x 75 cm

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