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“DIAB PAVILION_ CIRCULAR SILVER FIR”, innovation in Temporary Architecture: mono-matherial project for a Circular Economy. Recyclable Matherial for a Reusable Pavilion. A project with “Eco Generative Architecture” method come from microscopic vision of nature, in this experience of the Silver Fir.

Event, study and architectural research on the genetic codes of nature, a sustainable and innovative concept, radically based on the principles of the Circular Economy. A Workshop comes from the symbiosis between a leader company in core materials - Diab - and the academic institutions - University of Padua and University of Architecture IUAV of Venice in the second level Master Fiere&Eventi_ Nature Generative Temporanee. This scientific collaboration has allowed the development of a mono-material project of Eco Generative Design. From the observation of the microscopic image of Silver Fir, its geometric matrix is taken and used as the genetic code of the entire creative process. From this code the structure, skin, module and material are developed. Diab Pavilion is built in PET, a 100% recyclable and reusable contemporary material. Thanks to the design of the module a simplified language is given to the production - minimizing waste - and to the assembly - interlocking and dry. The experience of this Workshop demonstrates how much the Architectural Design is a key principle in the Circular Economy: an innovative, unique and recyclable material is subjected to a project, born from a wonderfully synergistic and harmonic matrix, such as the codes of nature.

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