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Mixcycling® - Organic Material Blends

Mixcycling® - Organic Material Blends
Mixcycling srl
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An innovative Startup is born in Vicenza that researches and develops sustainable materials by using the properties of vegetable fibers derived from production wastes, mixing them with polymers that comes from renewable, recycled or virgin resources thanks to a patent-pending process unique in its kind. This is accompanied by a visionary R&D activity that combines biotechnology and material design with the aim of achieving maximum circularity and consequently “zero waste”. Furthermore, Mixcycling® creates a community of partner and companies who share vision, business value and co-branding, an innovation mindset useful to launching new concept of materials in the global market and promoting a new bioeconomy model.

Mixcycling® is a generation of concretely sustainable biobased materials made to measure and obtained through a patent-pending process that involves the recovery of organic fibres from industrial waste for the creation of blends recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Mixcycling® combines technical versatility with a surprising natural feeling.


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