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Re_Life by Medit

Re_life by Medit® with 100% regenerated nylon ECONYL® yarn. For the first time the blind is total green.
Medit Srl
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It is called Re_life the blind manufactured by using 100% regenerated nylon ECONYL® recyclable endless times and produced exclusively from plastic waste.


A conscious way of living creates new quality concepts and makes any green innovation valuable.

Medit first presents a capsule of fabrics for the manage of solar daylight manufactured exclusively from regenerated yarn. The whole composition of the blind canvas Re_Life is the result of a process called "ECONYL® Regeneration System" that goes beyond recycling and that regenerate nylon waste creating a regenerated yarn with the same characteristics of standard nylon. A circular path that can be repeated endless times without ever having to use new resources, drawing on what today represents one of the most worrying ecological emergencies: plastic waste.

Suggested for this first launch in a palette of 4 natural colors, from white to grey, Re_Life comes with 3 weaves addressed to interiors and home – a lint, a diamantina and a georgette – and one to a more technical sector.

Extremely slight and soft chaft, well sagging, with a transparency that can be modulated through package and fabric abundance, Re_Life blinds are a total green masterpiece.

“This first Re_Life launch is the starting point of a true revolution. We believe in the necessity and in the huge potential of a green and circular future carried on by the productive system, even in the blind sector. Our company has already embraced this theme on several fronts since many years, but today with the excellence and the unicity of this product realized 100% with regenerated ECONYL® yarn, we are really proud to present a total green and truly exclusive solution" Raffaele Varano CEO di Medit.





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