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Every object has its own mood, its sharp personality, its own way of joking around and getting along with different styles.
Villa + Lomuti

At Fuorisalone Digital Errante presents the Zeroventi Collection.

Two constant thoughts moved us to create the Errante brand: we wanted to design nothing but pieces we would have liked for ourselves, in our houses; and we wanted to make a deal with time, giving it a collection that could age well.

Once set this, we’ve started having fun, coming up with ideas that could always balance aesthetic and functionality. Most of all, we’ve tried to add that touch of irony that design should always have to deal with us humans. If even superfluous starts taking itself too seriously, it’s really over, isn’t it? Instead, we’ve decided to orient seriousness, the real one, to the materials research and the care for details - all details! - even the not visible ones that hold our pieces together, allowing us
to use the word “quality” with definitely no rhetoric. And with a certain pride, too. Talking about pride: yes - it must be said - we are an Italian brand. Much of our culture, seasoned throughout the years - Gabriele as an artist, Ivan as an architect, inevitably and intentionally ended up in the Errante collection.

Most of all, in the style: the geometrical dryness, the formal rigor, the tireless search of synthesis are important marks of Italianness that you’ll find in all our collection. A rigour always ready to be downplayed though: even lightness is an Italian value that Errante has chosen to embody. To do that, we’ve used colour, an intrinsic element of design. In a certain way, dealing with time about the term “contemporary”, we’ve tried to create some classical pieces, without being canonical. We’ve entrusted the rest of the work to the light, that will be able to exalt flats and volumes, while you’ll have fun using them, watching them, spending time with them and, why not, maybe even calling them by name.

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#10 Tavolino da lettura




#05 Daybed



#03 Consolle

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