Genesi Atelier

Genesi Atelier engraves materials to bring out their distinctive features and give life to unique design solutions. Wood, metal, fabric, marble, drywall, mirrors: we combine different materials, while continuously studying them to enhance their peculiarities and their character. Genesi Atelier, a creative workshop at the service of designers and architects to give life to endless furnishing possibilities for walls, floors, furniture and accessories.
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Genesi Atelier works alongside architects and designers to create new ideas and furnishing solutions for walls, furniture and furnishing accessories. Thanks to a research and development team, an internal creative workshop and a solid production and logistics structure, we are able to support designers and architects in every phase of the project, from the study of materials, engravings and decorations, to the creation of prototypes, up to the production and delivery of semi-finished or finished products. Starting from your idea or from a reference material, we check the feasibility of the project, suggest more combinations and alternative materials and research different decorations and engraving methods.

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Massimiliano Ciceri

+39 335 562 55 35 

Andrea Mian

+39 338 799 03 22

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