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Mixcycling® srl is the innovative start-up R&D that researches and develops innovative materials by exploiting the properties of vegetable fibres derived from production waste, preferably at 0 km, and merging them with polymers from renewable organic resources, recycled or virgin, through an innovative patent pending process. The aim is reducing the polymeric component significantly and offering a sustainable and concrete alternative. 

In addition, Mixcycling® promotes a new bioeconomy model by creating a community for those who want to develop sustainable products “ad hoc” with sustainable bio-based materials. 

Whether they are durable products (e.g. automotive, interior design, etc.) or smart components” (e.g.: agribusiness, e-devices, etc.), Mixcycling® gives a second life to organic production waste generating surprising materials, with an appealing look, suitable for high-level design applications, natural soul, pleasant to the eye, pleasant to the touch and especially respectful of our planet. 

The Mixcycling® team has a clear vision for its near future by investing in targeted R&D activities, such as: - the exploitation of biotechnologies to derive plant compounds functional to the material, - the research of new organic biopolymers from renewable sources, - the study of connections between sustainable and innovative supply chains. These activities will involve science and design, and will pass through collaboration with innovative companies, universities and European laboratories. 

Via dell’Innovazione n°2
36042 Breganze (VI) 

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