Shades - Special edition tapestries for i-Mesh

Inspired by the concept of transparency, the tapestries designed by Migliore+Servetto for i-Mesh are shaped by the light and the relation with the scenario through the graphic language of the textures.

The seven tapestries currently designed by Migliore+Servetto for i-Mesh are part of a project “in crescendo” focused on a limited edition collection that would have been enhanced by three new pieces at  Milan Design Week 2020.

Each item is designed as an extremely permeable system capable of establishing a strong dialogue with the space for which it has been designed and the horizon in which it is located. All the tapestries are conceived as open forms made to be passed through and to interact with the void, where perception changes according to the background and the alterations in the light.

The Shades collection is the result of Migliore+Servetto studio’s constant experimentation with interior architecture using the i-Mesh material, which it has been carrying out for several years by means of ad hoc installations for both public and private spaces, all aimed at creating an interaction between the light and the surrounding space in the pursuit of a dynamic perception of the environment.

The first group of tapestries were initially presented at Milan Design Week 2018 at Alcova Milano. The collection was expanded for the Lightmorphing exhibition, which brought the tapestries to Seoul and Busan, in South Korea, where they aroused significant interest, then again with the collective exhibition hosted by the Contemporary Cluster gallery in Rome last January.

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