Metal becomes furniture, surface, architecture.

Metal projects factory

Founded in 2003 by Albino Celato and heir of a long tradition in metal manufacturing, De Castelli is now internationally well-known for introducing the language of design, mixing craftsmanship and advanced technologies.

Pieces of furniture born from the collaboration with famous designers contributed to launch the brand, together with new surfaces solutions that enhance the characteristics of metals, born from on-going studies and research on materials. Among the designers: Aldo Cibic, Alessandra Baldereschi, Alessandro Masturzo, Alexander Rodriguez, Artefatto, Cino Zucchi, Elena Salmistraro, Emilio Nanni, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Gumdesign, Leonardo Sonnoli, LucidiPevere, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Martinelli Venezia Studio, Michele De Lucchi, Minelli Fossati, Nathalie Dewez, Ron Gilad, Stormo, Zanellato/Bortotto

Recently, the company has been focusing on collaborations with international architects and on many partnerships with famous companies that work in the design field. Some of them, for instance, led to prestigious projects and special works for the Biennale di Architettura in Venice and Milano Expo.

De Castelli’s headquarters are located in Crocetta del Montello and they host the production site and a rich materials area. Together with Milan Flagship store and Stockholm Flagship store opened in the Swedish capital in November 2017, they clearly show the high importance given to design, manufacture and customer care.

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Hard Couture

Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results.

The encounter with design inspires an approach to materials founded upon respect for their potential, be it hidden or obvious, which emerges slowly in a collection of pieces that, despite being part of a series, remain unique. Unique not only for the hand that has created them, but also for the singular cultural path that focuses on the aesthetic (and not just practical) value of the primordial material with which De Castelli shapes living spaces. Each object, even in the repetition of form, is a creative act in and of itself, one that incorporates a heritage of constantly evolving expertise and research. The equation that relegates ‘cold’ metals to the margins of furnishing projects is thus overturned, bringing iron, brass and copper, in their infinite variations and finishes, to the centre of an entirely renewed stage, allowing them to finally shine with their own light.


Hard Skin

Oxidation, inlaying, engraving and erosion processes: such are the multitude of creative possibilities that can be applied a constantly-changing material, whose destiny is to acquire the patina of time that the hand of man can stop entirely or speed up, according to the surface effect sought. Metal used as an architectural covering becomes a sort of second skin, creating a richly-varied palette of iridescent tones, oxidations and deep colours. This covering provides a highly-distinctive form of artistic expression, enhanced by the elegance of rigorous geometric patterns, made vibrant by continuously changing thickness and shapes. De Castelli surfaces offer a completely new dimension in decoration, which eschews artifice, preferring instead to celebrate the essential nature of the material itself in its aesthetic and symbolic value.


De Castelli for architecture

The company is also strongly based on relationships with designers and architects that has led to some prestigious architectural projects. These include the Archimbuto by Cino Zucchi made for the Italian Pavilion at the 2014 International Architecture Exhibition, and the OVS and Excelsior Pavilions at Milan Expo 2015 by architects Zito and Pedron. In the new premises increased focus will be given to this area with a dedicated growth strategy for the future.

The desire to design and develop ideas of increasing complexity has led the company to set up an effective system for the realisation of projects on an architectural scale. This system is based around a highly efficient project development office with rapid problem solving capabilities. The team is able to assess architectural drawings and client requirements to deliver solutions which are as attractive and creative as they are simple to implement and install.


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