Gobo lights

Gobo lights
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Gobolights conveys Nicolas Brevers’ vision of design: playful kinetic art that results from research into aesthetics, harmony and balance.
The Gobolights design studio in Brussels specialises in the creation and production of upmarket contemporary lighting produced in small series and made to measure.
Self-taught and coming from the world of chemistry, this Belgian craftsman/designer designs his pieces with as much meticulousness as in a laboratory. He loves numbers and perfect proportions, with which he plays using the timeless laws of hallowed geometry to adorn the space of his atomic shapes.Shapes with pure, light and contemporary lines that evoke the very essence of natural elements. They are a witness to a new language where the rational and the functional dialoguewith the emotional to create a hypnotising and soothing universe that is the designer’s own. Always searching for equilibrium, Nicolas Brevers creates objects where lightness rhymes with precision, purity with architecture and art with design.

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