Atelier Jespers

Atelier Jespers
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Atelier Jespers has welcomed great names in design such as Domeau & Peres, Michael Anastasiades and the architectural duo Berger & Berger. The Atelier Jespers is keen to offer visitors challenging and nourishing exhibitions. It has thus established itself as a key venue for Brussels’ artistic programming. The setting of the modernist house created in 1928 by Victor Bourgeois, a member of the CIAM and the first professor of Architecture at La Cambre, gives the Jespers atelier the historical and aesthetic anchoring that exhibitions need to be exceptional.

Founded by the architect Theo De Meyer and the interior designer Arthur Dekker, the Ghent based collective Stand Van Zaken takes its inspiration from the Italian post-radical avant-garde studio Alchimia, founded in Milan by Alessandro Guerriero in 1976. 

To set up.
n expression which refers to organizing something. About initiating or realizing. In a figurative sense.
Literally, however, this means placing one thing on something else, on a base or plinth, or on top of each other. 
Setting up a cabinet. In its double meaning.
From the literal back to the figurative. First, as stack. The stacking of separate elements. To construct the cabinet, upwards, as a column rising above itself, as a tower climbing up. But to organize things too. The objects within, as well as the space around. The cabinet, becoming a column, as a spatial construction.

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