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Cities of the future: the gala dinner

ICS International School, in collaboration with thecreative agency Robert Cutty, launches the challenge of imagination, with the first edition of the challenge "The cities of the future". A project aimed at young people, but also adults, as long as that they are guided by the vision of a child, to respond to a complex moment like the current one. The initiative was created to propose ideas and reflections and imagine the city post COVID-19, treasuring everything that the lockdown period has generated: new perspectives and points of view. "The Cities of the Future" is articulated in the following main moments: 

• WEBINARS - A series of videos will lead the participants to the chosen creative method and design, thanks to the intervention of professionals and young people. 
• THE CHALLENGE - The heart of the project, which wants to unleash the creativity of the participants, encouraging them to design, draw and tell new worlds and a new way of living spaces, time and relationships. 
• THE CHARITY GALA DINNER - Young participants who will be most distinguished in the competition, will have the opportunity to show their projects during the exclusive Gala Dinner for charity on Thursday, July 2, streaming and open to all people who want to participate and do some good. The amount of money obtained will, in fact, be donated to selected public schools in Milan and province, to support them in the purchase of digital devices and everything that will be necessary for a safe access in the reopening of the next September. Comfortably from home, the guests at the gala dinner will sit around a large virtual table. The menu will be delivered at home in practical food boxes, with the support of the quality delivery service Cosaporto. All it takes to participate is a smartphone or a computer and the desire to do some good, marrying the charity project in favor of public schools in Milan and the province.

The main excellences of Piazza Duomo will arrive inside your homes, in support of the new generations.
Carlo Cracco: he is the most famous among the great chefs, and came out of the fertile brood of Gualtiero Marchesi. His cuisine is considered to be the most creative among those celebrated in Milan.
Debora and Iginio Massari: two of the most important pastry chefs in the world. Talent, creativity and strict professional discipline make them the reference point of Italian high pastry. Among the dishes will also be proposed a special dish designed for the occasion.

With the presentation of all the projects and the award ceremony of the best projects of "The Cities of the Future", the challenge will be the backdrop throughout the evening. In addition, the participants will also have the opportunity to attend live some interviews and performances of many guests of excellence, including: Elisa, Gianna Nannini, architect Gianandrea Barreca, Arianna Censi and violinist Elsa Martignoni.

Each person who decides to participate in the gala dinner, and then at the fundraising, can choose from 3 different packages available:
PACKAGE "SILVER" 120€ per person - Appetizer, first course, second course and dessert + 1 Cadeau
PACKAGE "GOLD" (for one person) 190€ per person - Appetizer, First course, second course, dessert and beverage + 1 Cadeau
Premium PACKAGE "TABLE" (maximum 6 people) 2.000 € - Appetizer, first course, second course, dessert and beverage + maximum 6 Cadeaux Premium + Mise en place + Table service + Live streaming intervention dedicated to the project.

Before and even after the gala dinner, companies and individuals who want to help with a technical sponsorship the restart of schools in September, can contribute by providing:
• Hand disinfectant gels and sanitizing soaps;
• Sanitizing products for cleaning surfaces and school spaces;
• Thermo scanners to measure the temperature of children and employees;
• Disposable/reusable masks and disposable gloves;
• Soap and gel dispensers;
• Mats or instruments for the sanitisation of shoes;
• Safety signs for school spaces and in front of them;
• Disposable cleaning cloths or multi-purpose paper rolls;
• Napkins, handkerchiefs and toilet paper;
• Staff gowns;
• Compostable forks, spoons and glasses;
• Electronic devices for teaching;
• Connections for data transfer.
If you have even just one item from the list, you will give a great help!


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