The Power of Lightness

A project created in collaboration with the photographer Brahmino to celebrate the proverbial lightness of the ingredient brand XL EXTRALIGHT®

The photographer Simone Bramante, known as Brahmino, updated some concepts of the great masters of the early twentieth century to tell the value of lightness through the shots dedicated to XL EXTRALIGHT®, the material that revolutionized fashion and design. The artistic project recounts the essential characteristics of lightness, colour, versatility and sustainability according to highly conceptual codes that recall avant-garde art. Brahmino, inspired by this special ingredient material of infinite uses and applications (moulded from time to time into different objects) invites with his shots to go "beyond" reality or to unleash the potential of the imagination to have access to what goes beyond what we can see.

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The lightness and softness of XL EXTRALIGHT® meets the design of Karim Rashid for the Bounce Chair of Gufram.

Gufram is an interior design Italian brand famous all over the world for pushing the limits of industrial design. The lightness and softness of XL EXTRALIGHT® gave birth to Bounce, designed by Karim Rashid, a chair with a name and shape representing many values of XL EXTRALIGHT®. A stackable, colourful, and super soft design thanks to Soft Touch technology. Born form a single shell, Bounce enjoys all the qualities granted by XL EXTRALIGHT® closed-cell structure, like water and UV resistance.

XIRCULAR the concept sneaker by XL EXTRALIGHT®, a shoe that combines high technology, strong design and respect for the environment. 

The sole of the sneaker concept is made of XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable +, a newly developed product deriving from the re-use of manufacturing scraps and the upper too is made of recycled materials.

Inspired by nature and in pursuit of a truly sustainable approach, XIRCULAR has been envisioned following an organic approach to volume design by combining both parametric 3D design and 3D printing. Organic design for sustainable footwear.

Sentry Fender, the first ultralight fender, with a modern design and easy to fix.

Mission Boat Gear is a Minnesota company famous for shaking the nautical industry with accessories that unite design and functionality. Thanks to the endurance of XL EXTRALIGHT®, Sentry Fender was born: the first super light fender with a modern design, easy to attach to every boat or dock. In contrast with traditional fenders, Sentry Fender ensure complete protection under as well as over the railing. A single shell structure water and UV resistant, made with the environment in mind.

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