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A partition, lighting and planter system
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A partition, lighting and planter system

“Clematide” is an outdoor lighting system that also serves the double function of a partition and a plant pot. It is designed for Plust and for public spaces and HORECA businesses. Its purpose is to bring a piece of nature to crowded places by acting as a divider/separator as well as a visual break.

Key element of the design is the intention to incorporate the element of nature. Wild climbing plants grow towards the light using trees and branches as supports. With our design, we are creating this allegory between the plant growing towards the light for its survival and the plant growing on the light structure using it as its support. Our concept is to create a home for climbing plants to let them grow in a controlled manner.

“Clematide” consists of three parts: •    The PE pot, made with rotational molding •    The metal frame, made out of brushed stainless steel •    The stainless steel wire mesh that helps the plant “climb”

As “Clematide” is a lighting system, it has two different light sources. One is inside the PE pot, characteristic of all Plust lights, and the second one, is an LED strip light, situated on the inner side of the round frame.

“Clematide” creates an ambient atmosphere, both during daytime and night-time. It serves as divider that is flexible, easily movable and can organize the space in many possible ways. Its minimal and simple design can fit in a variety of surroundings.  



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