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ABADIR: Sartorious - Francesco Aloisio
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ABADIR: Sartorious - Francesco Aloisio

SARTORIOUS is a project by Francesco Aloisio. It is the end of a path of in-depth study and research, which led to the design of an instrument for induction food cooking, which uses an ancient material: basalt lava.

In the television spaces, on the shelves of supermarkets and in local markets, stone-covered cooking utensils are multiplied. Although the only feature in common with real stone is its surface appearance, the presence in the market of these very common enamelled aluminium pans does not seem to diminish over the years. They promise fat-free cooking, resistance to all types of abrasion and perfect heat distribution, but common sense and a little knowledge of the materials reveal the deception. Starting from this betrayal and using the tools of design, is it possible to arrive at an object that keeps, at least in part, these promises?

Production year:



Thesis project in Design and Visual Communication A. A. 2015-16
Design Lab
Student: Francesco Aloisio
Rapporteur: Vittorio Venezia

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