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ABADIR: From Zucca to Luffa - Maria Luisa Cavallo e Carla Musumarra
From 15/06 AT 08:00

ABADIR: From Zucca to Luffa - Maria Luisa Cavallo e Carla Musumarra

Research project on Luffa Cylindrica, a vegetable sponge made from a particular variety of pumpkin. Where does it come from, what are its applications, how does it transform? These are the main starting points on the study of this material and one is the objective of this thesis: how is it possible to apply it to a product design project without changing its essence, its aesthetic beauty and its original shape, highlighting its main function as a natural sponge. The research path has resulted in a well-studied handcrafted product, combined with another natural material, wood. After a selection of different qualities of Luffe these have been housed in special wooden supports with leather inserts. An important contribution to the research was made by some engineers from the Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials of Catania, who discussed the possible applications of this material in the field of design. With them, compression and tensile tests were carried out with the addition, in some phases, of a transparent resin. Important, for the project, also the collaboration with the pumpkin growers of the company Gli aromi di Scicli.



Production year:



Thesis project in Design and Visual Communication A. A. 2015-16
Design Lab
Students: Maria Luisa Cavallo and Carla Musumarra
Supervisor: Vittorio Venezia

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