Arper's new research and development centre

Arper Design Lab will be the heart of the Veneto-based company: a multifunctional space dedicated to the crucial stages of the process that leads to the creation and launch of product collections.



Arper Design Lab will be a multifunctional space dedicated to design and creativity. Located in the company's headquarters in Monastier di Treviso, it will cover an area of 1,400 square meters, in addition to the existing 300 square meters occupied by the Technical Offices and Testing Laboratory, for a total of 1,700 square meters dedicated to innovation.

Arper Design Lab, named after the founder of the Venetian company Luigi Feltrin, will be the heart of the centre and will host a new prototype laboratory dedicated to the creation and industrialisation of product samples, a material library with an up-to-date selection of materials, fabrics and leathers, as well as spaces for training and discussions with designers and creatives. In addition, there is also a studio where photographic and video production for communication purposes.

The work began in early December and will be completed by the end of the first half of this year. The project will be carried out according to green criteria, as a continuation of a path of sustainability started in 2005, through the recovery of the existing building. "Sustainability is a strategic objective. Ambitious visions and actions, organisational changes and cultural changes are the fundamental conditions for the evolution of a company that sees the sustainability of its processes, production and collections as a concrete commitment", said Claudio Feltrin, president of Arper. "Although the year was a difficult one for the entire contract sector, Arper, thanks to a company management policy that has always been careful and conscientious, is today a healthy company, capable of showing signs of positivity even in unfavourable contexts".

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