Milano goes colorful

Camilla Falsini is the protagonist of the announcement "Open Squares" organized by the Municipality of Milan. Piazzale Loreto and Piazza Tito Minniti change color.


The announcement "Piazze aperte" ("Open Squares") launched by the Municipality of Milan was launched with the intention of transforming and regenerating the public spaces of the city, so as to make them accessible to all and improve the life of the neighborhood. The Jungle agency, winner of the call, involved Camilla Falsini (born in 1975) for the coloring and restyling of Piazzale Loreto and Piazza Tito Minniti.

Falsini Loreto

The Roman artist has created two projects united by an explosion of colors and features that reflect the characteristics of the neighborhoods they belong to, NoLo and Isola. In Piazzale Loreto the geometric shapes meet and cross each other creating the word LORETO. The same fate befalls Piazza Tito Minniti where the shapes compose the word ISOLA.

Camilla Falsini

The redevelopment of urban squares is a European project, CLEAR, funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an agency of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which sees Milan working in a network with Amsterdam, Munich, their technical universities (TUM and UvA) and UNStudio. The project also includes a moment open to the community: two days of meetings and workshops with the artist in collaboration with some neighborhood associations are scheduled in spring.


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