Erotic design for Valentine's Day

Starting from the vase by Ettore Sottsass for Barcelona Design to the Bocca sofa by Gufram. Here are 10 ideas for lovers' day.


Eros, the god of physical love and desire, is the protagonist of Valentine's Day. About him is often told the sweet part of the feeling, but neglected the more provocative and carnal one. Eros is passion, it is love towards others but also for oneself. Eros is universal love.

For the occasion, we have selected a few ideas that embody eroticism in the world of design. They will inspire the wish to celebrate even those who just don't want to know about the lovers' day.


1. Ettore Sottsass for Barcelona Design - Shiva, 1973
Ironic and irreverent, this vase was designed at a time when Ettore Sottsass used to travel to India. Shiva is in fact the god who destroys in order to regenerate new forms of life, to continue the evolution of nature. What distinguishes him is the phallic shape, a symbol of fertility.


2. Firepussy - Andrea Maestri, 2011
This mirror is part of a collection of furniture, symbolic and dreamlike, self-produced by the designer Andrea Maestri. What distinguishes it is a figurative and uninhibited aesthetic with a strong reference to eroticism.


3. Guido Venturini for Alessi - Firebird, 1993
An ironic object: the gas lighter that has the ability to excite, embarrass and intrigue. Designed by Guido Venturini for Alessi in blue, black, fluorescent orange and red.

take a pause

4. Marco Siciliano - Take a Pause, 2017 to present.
Playing with the multiplication of an element as a means of its erasure Take A Pause creates kaleidoscopes of shapes and colors, on the border between pornography and decoration.
Screenshots of porn videos are replicated to negate the immediate perception of the image and to evade censorship on social media.
A pattern that can have different uses, from wallpaper to fabrics to the pages of a book.


5. Fabio Novembre for Casamania - Him + Her, 2008
An audacious reinterpretation of the iconic Panton Chair by Danish designer Verner Panton.
Naked, perfect and shameless: two bodies with sensual and provocative shapes sculpted to create a chair on the borderline between art and industrial design.


6. Studio 65 for Gufram - Bocca, 1970
Pop icon of the 1970s, the famous Bocca sofa recalls the fleshy lips of the American actress Mae West. A true cult piece.

tit bits

7. King and Miranda for Design Memorabilia - Tit Bits, 2015.
Two small porcelain appetizer bowls in the shape of breasts. A cute item to put on the table and wow diners.

matali crasset

8. Matali Crasset for Exquise Design For Pleasure - 8th Heaven, 2007
A sex toy designed by a woman for women. An object with an innovative and original design that has as its prerogative the love for themselves. 


9. Matteo Cibic - Bedside Lamp, 2009
This bedside lamp hides a sex toy inside: to turn on the light just lift the structure and that's it.

traces of

10. Traces of an Imaginary Affair - Björn Franke, 2006
A box containing a kit of objects made specifically to leave marks on the body that resemble bites, burns and scratches. A project conceived to investigate the relationships of couples and in particular the theme of jealousy.

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