Uptown: the quality district oriented to people's well-being

With Uptown District comes to life a design in which the person is in the center: a healthy and sustainable living ecosystem that looks to the future.


Uptown District, a project presented in 2017 as the first smart district of Milan and Italy, is a new district built on an area of 900,000 square meters, with 300,000 square meters of public park crowned by exclusive residences signed by big names in modern architecture. 

Just three years later and after the delivery of the first residences in July 2019, Uptown has seen a 40% increase in its value and has confirmed itself as a place of excellence for a new Milanese centrality. In 2022 will be completed the shopping center and the school, among the largest built in recent years in Italy. Already today the inhabitants and the city of Milan can enjoy the many leisure and entertainment activities promoted in the spaces of the Cascina and in the beautiful park. 

Created by EuroMilano, Uptown focuses on its inhabitants and the concept of Wellbeing City of which they are the protagonists, even before the technology that is the pride of the district, among zero emissions buildings, home automation and an app to control services and home consumption in an easy and sustainable way.

Uptown District boasts partners of recognized prestige
Intesa Sanpaolo as a finance partner; 

Vodafone, in terms of ultra-fast connectivity and the development of a community App with premium functions dedicated to each building; 

Bosch, as far as the most advanced products for apartments and security coordination technologies are concerned;

Italianway, as far as the valorization and income generation of real estate assets are concerned, for those who want a functional management of rented apartments.

EuroMilano has signed the entire project since its inception. From urban planning, architectural and technological design, to the management of public space, special attention has been given to the community of future residents, aiming to create a reality able to become part of Milan and its modern development. 

From this extraordinary and unrepeatable concentration, unique at national level and among the most dynamic at European level, an urban centrality is born, characterized by an ecosystem of services in which a modern and avant-garde way of living and living comes to life: in the Uptown District, citizens will have everything at their fingertips, they will be able to leave their car while being connected to the most important metropolitan and international transport networks, and they will be able to reconcile the well-being and serenity of their loved ones with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle from an environmental, economic and social point of view and finding space for their personal and professional ambitions. Aspects that have allowed Uptown Milano, to be the first national project registered for the GBC Quartieri® certification, overcoming the first of the four steps to achieve the certification of neighborhoods.

Feel Uptown is the new project signed by the design team composed by Sio Engineering and Labics. The new complex will be composed of four buildings with an internal green heart of 3,000 square meters. Under the green mantle the courtyard welcomes the beating heart of the project, the exclusive services for residents, accessible by a staircase ready to turn into a small arena for events, shows and convivial moments. The swimming pool, the gym, the wellness and relaxation area and the equipped children's play area fill the heart of the project with life, giving future residents the opportunity to enjoy entire days in the park, without "ever leaving the boundaries of home".  A large and functional co-working, a condominium cinema room for exclusive use, the space for squash and advanced conciergerie, will compose a unique and complete ecosystem of services making living and working comfortable and safe from all points of view.

The new domestic dimension of our living, made of personal working moments but also of complicity, affection and passion, has led EuroMilano to choose partners who can create a unique home, where the constant research of design, innovation, functionality and Made in Italy, together with the quality of materials and products offered, guarantee a better life from all points of view.

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