DIA 2020, the contest that rewards the most outstanding Design

In the last four years the Design Intelligence Award it attracted more than 20,232 entries from 56 countries.


The Design Intelligence Award is the annual awards programme that identifies the world's wonderful products and designs, as well as the individual designers and the studios producing the most outstanding work.

On its fifth year took place from 7 July to 19 October. Organized by China Academy of Art, the China's most renowned and influential art school with a nearly 100-year history, and in collaboration with Poli.Design, Design Intelligence Award has grown rapidly into one of the most prestigious and popular awards programmes in the industry.
Last four years it attracted more than 20,232 entries from 56 countries.

Awarded categories

- Cultural Innovation
- Living Appliance
- Industrial Equipment
- Digital Economy

The winning italian projects

The contest saw the participation of an Italian jury composed of: Mario Boselli, Paolo Casati, Luca Fois, Laura Traldi and Francesco Zurlo.

Among the 48 Italian projects submitted, after two selections, one national and one international, the jury decided the 10 winning projects.

Silver medal
Scribit - Carlo Ratti Associati
Scribit is an award-winning robot that can automatically draw and write on the wall and other vertical surfaces. Beyond its advanced technology, it carries a strong social mission to bring people from different walks of life together, something accentuated during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.



Honorable mention (DIA TOP 100) 
Pasta between Parentheses - Liu Yue
Pasta between Parentheses aims to recall people's attention about traditional food culture. It causes them to reflect on food consumption behavior in the context of industrialization, by offering a cooking-based food experience with pasta.

Eden - Calipinar Cisil & Co.
Eden is a non-electric movable cooling storage system. According to the research, our path in the future is that people will have small size environmentally friendly food systems rather than having bulky and energy consuming refrigerators.

Noah Lap Steel - NOAH GUITARS
Lap Steel project fully embraces NOAH vision: traditional shapes joined to innovative challenges offer to musicians augmented solution ranges, and new inspiration opportunities.


Hannes - ddpstudio
Hannes is a prosthetic hand developed by INAIL and the Italian Institute of Technology, industrial design by ddpstudio It is able to restore over 90% of the lost functionality in people with upper limb amputation. Naturalness of shape, movements, posture and rotation axes, give Hannes the feeling of a real hand

Enel Green Power - Dotdotdot
5 digital characters drive visitors on a interactive journey to learn about renewable energy, thanks to a speech recognition system to interact in a immersive Responsive Environment.

Pinna - (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Auaquaro
Pinna was born by combining the sound absorbing technology of Snowsound Fiber with the textile processing of luxury fashion giving rise to a rather surprising shape suggested by the structure of the pleating, which increases the acoustic performances due to the compression of the fibers.

Al Volo - MM Design
“Al Volo” is a small ice-cream display unit created for shops, concept stores, flagship stores, and transition spaces where, unexpectedly, one can find quality ice-cream.

Elastica - Habits Studio
Elastica is a flexible linear lamp for ceiling-floor installation (a heavy base together with the elastic material, allow different heights adaptability, as well as the inclination change). Habits was in charge of every project phase, form the ideation till the prototipation and engineering of electronic and physical components.

X3 - Habits Studio
The treadmill was born from the idea of a light and thin product, suitable for the domestic environment. The closing joint has been designed with an easy release mechanism, to be closed, stored, and easily reused.




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