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FW 20-21 collection

The inner garden
Society Limonta
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Brera Design District
The AW 20-21 collection The Inner Garden is inspired by words such as gentleness, listening, roots, weaving, clay, harmony, nature. Once again central element in Society’s narrative, Nature teaches faultless chromatic combinations, inspires shapes and designs, generates perfection from apparent chance and harmony from asymmetry. Colours modulate according to the seasonal light, resulting in the calmness of three new autumnal nuances, a CRAB green, a brick red called MARTE and CARAMEL, a yellow, dark and thick as caramel.
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In Autumn the bed is layered with volumes, textures and warm and natural fabrics. The new selection of blankets and throws offers endless possibilities for the bed or the sofa.



For Society’s table, printed abaca holds the centre of the stage with two autumnal designs.and a tablecloth in abaca with an exquisite tone on tone floral embroidery.


All the fabrics and textures for the bathroom, from linen to cotton, from waffle weave to terry towels, are available in the three new colours CRAB, MARTE and CARAMEL. 

Oltre Society Design Collection

To complete the lifestyle of the textile collection, it includes new pieces designed inside Society’s creative team or in collaboration with artists and designers close to the Company’s design and philosophy.


BERNARDO, Transformiture, is the valet stand made of an iron frame and a MELOG fabric which joins the two backs, creating a useful support for garments and bags in the central section of the object. The newness for the bathroom, ISACCO is an absolutely innovative laundry basket. the Limoges Porcelain vases CLOTO, LACHESI and ATROPO originate from the encounter with a typical object of the textile production chain: a bobbin of yarn.


Society Limonta Ceramics Limoges Porcelains add the new nuance CRAB green to the basic colour palette.


From Fall 2020 Society Limonta is distributing worldwide exclusively the collection ART ON THE TABLE by Martina Geroni with multifunctional everyday objects for the table in which clay emerges in its natural colour.


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