Focus Event

Lightcycle Morph

Most lights don't change. This light changes everything.

"We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. So our new light tracks daylight and transforms for different uses - providing the right light throughout the day." Jake Dyson.

Engineered to support well-being. Intelligently adjust with your daylight age and task - to support optimal illumination through the day.

Feature light. High-quality light for showcasing art and decorative features.

Task light. Focused, powerful light. Engineered to help reduce eye strain.

Indirect light. Rotate the optical head, for soft background lighting or enhancing the sense of space.

Ambient light. Creates a comforting glow for a relaxing environment , with reduced blue light.

Engineered for convenience. 

Magnetic touch-glide docking, with a gentle touch, the optical head docks into the stem, creating a comforting glow for evening relaxation. Slide-touch controls, dimming and colour temperature controls let you define your personal light preferences.Integrated USB-C charger, provides a convenient device charging point wherever you use your light in the home.

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